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Terms and Conditions



Owner: Leslie Vilin

CIF: X8009412F.

Address: Calle Regina 18, 41003 Sevilla. SPAIN

Tel / Fax: + 34954213236.



These Terms govern the access and use of the website BIENYBIO.COM, for the marketing of organic products, non-food home. Web Site is available for users to purchase certified organic products for cosmetics, hygiene, clothing and general home at competitive prices, with the aim of this SITE that of being a dedicated online store the sale and distribution of articles in addition to also have a guiding function and information on organic products and certifications, by creating an interactive community in which any user can provide or require as it deems appropriate provided that it respects the law, general conditions, to other users and their opinions.


You acknowledge that you may not achieve availability of the Website to 100% at times for various reasons, but BIEN Y BIO is committed to maintaining the Website available as constant as possible with all his might. The reasons which may justify the temporary suspension of services on the Website or some brief events can be of type, capacity, maintenance, safety and / or events over which BIEN Y BIO cannot influence (power outages, malicious software, anomalies public networks, etc ...).


Access to the web site is free, voluntary and gives visitors the status of users with their rights and obligations as outlined below.


Every user has accepted, to access and use the portal, without exception, the General Conditions as a whole, whereas BIEN Y BIO reserves the right to change at any time - without notice - both services offered as the contents of SITE. So that the user should read carefully before accessing and using any services of the website under their own responsibility. To do this the user can access them anytime web site using the link "Terms and conditions", for reference you can download, save and even print.


BIEN Y BIO reserves the right to amend, without notice or prior notice, configuration, design and / or submission of your website, as well as delete, augment and / or modify the content and services within their site web.

BIEN Y BIO also reserves the right to deny access to this website to users who breach the terms and conditions. The visitor and user undertakes to make diligent use of the website and the services available, in full compliance with the General Conditions, to morality and law in general, as well as maintain proper poise and mutual respect other users


In general, the provision of services requires a subscription or user registration at least know the address collection and delivery of orders placed in the portal, select it your user name and password to access the portal, the user undertakes to keep and use with appropriate diligence. The use of a password is not transferable, not being allowed the transfer permanent or temporary, to third parties. Accordingly, the user is solely responsible for the use made of your password, with full indemnity for BIEN Y BIO. In the event that the user knows or suspects the use of your password by third parties must inform BIEN Y BIO as quickly as possible.


Registration will be as expressly indicated by the service itself that will indicate to visitors the steps necessary to complete a successful registration.


The user guarantees the authenticity, veracity and accuracy of all data communicated by filling out the forms necessary for the subscription of the Services. It is responsibility to keep all information provided to BIEN Y BIO continuously updated to correspond at all times to the reality of the USER. Otherwise, it considers the user as solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to BIEN Y BIO and / or third party for the information provided. All user is obliged to comply with applicable laws and the rights of others to use the content and services Web Site


Not given to other data users and / or information supplied by the user, except as permitted by current legislation as well as exist prior express authorization of the legal owner and BIEN Y BIO.


Is strictly prohibited adaptation, distribution, modification, reproduction and / or transmission of the content and elements of the SITE (texts, drawings, graphics, information, logos, etc ...) unless there is prior express authorization of their rightful owners and permitted by law

It is absolutely prohibited for all users: the use of content defamatory, libelous, pornographic or in violation of the law of child protection, to any advertising without the prior written permission of Bien y Bio, annoy other users (especially by spam or inappropriate behavior), use content legally protected (eg. by the law on intellectual property, trademarks, patents, utility models or aesthetic models) not entitled to, offering or distributing goods or services protected legally, and perform or promote actions contrary to free competition, including those aimed at the progressive customer acquisition (such as chain systems, snowball or pyramid).


Also it is forbidden to users:

• Any public reproduction Web Site and its elements or its users, without the express prior authorization of the owners of such items, Bien y Bio and users concerned.

• Any behavior that may damage the operation of BIEN Y BIO, such as actions to overload.

• Copy, modify, or block unless necessary for the proper use of the services of web sites. For example, search engine technologies such as "Robot / Crawler" are not necessary for the provision of services on the Website.

• The use of mechanisms, software or scripts related to the use of the SITE.

• The use of any material and information contained in this Web Site for illegal and expressly prohibited by these Terms of Use, shall be responsible in case of contravention or breach of obligations and / or that in any way (including the introduction or dissemination of "virus"), damage, disable, overburden, impair or impede the normal use of the content and information contained in the Website.


The user to access, voluntarily accepts that the use of the service takes place in any event, under its responsibility as liable for damages of any kind that BIENYBIO may suffer as a result of violating any of the obligations to which they are submitted by the action of these "General Conditions” or of law in using the Portal and its services.


The links contained in managed by third parties are the sole purpose of facilitating access to the information contained therein. BIEN Y BIO is not responsible for these links and content outside of it or any content external to this site. The inclusion of such links or references does not imply endorsement, approval, marketing or relationship BIEN Y BIO.


Except in circumstances specifically identified by the General Conditions of Use and the rest of the regulatory framework of the Website, BIEN Y BIO not be liable for any damages that may result in lack of timeliness, accuracy and / or completeness, as well as errors or omissions that may lack the information and services contained in its website, or other content that can be accessed through the same or assume any obligation or commitment to verify or monitor the content and information.

Similarly, BIENYBIO does not guarantee full continuity or availability of the Website, what is excluded, as permitted by law, any liability for damages arising from the temporary absence of services normally authorized by the SITE.

The Spanish law governing the conditions of usage of the portal BIENYBIO, both it and the user can submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Seville, where he is domiciled BIENYBIO to any question of implementation, enforcement or interpretation derived from www.bienybio.comservices and content.


The general conditions of distance selling contained herein are applicable for sale to individuals by BIEN Y BIO NIF: X8009412F, Regina Street N º 18, 41003, Sevilla. By making any order to BIEN Y BIO without exception accepted by the client as essential and indispensable conditions of sale of BIEN Y BIO force at the time of ordering, therefore applicable to the order in question and all post-dated order until again altered the general conditions of sale for BIEN Y BIO. BIEN Y BIO not waive any conditions even if it does not use any at any time for any reason, so the user is encouraged to read these terms, available on the website, before making his first and subsequent orders.


Under the terms of sale price of each product will be is indicated on the website, unless there is a typographical error or computer, with VAT included. Offers and promotions are clearly different if there any doubt we are at your disposal on phone: 954213236 and by mail:


By placing your order in have options to pay it as:

- Bank transfer to the account specified in the PORTAL (when using this payment method shipping BIENYBIO be released once the transfer has been received from the user).

- Through a Pay-pal account.

- By credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Visa Electron).


BIEN Y BIO offers its clients the stock available at all times dependent on the possibilities offered by the market, so you can change at any time and without notice both the variety and quantity of the items available on the PORTAL , if there were no stock of the product ordered by a user is notified immediately available this holiday. The photos of the products on the website are merely have a purely indicative, without compromising in any way to BIEN Y BIO.


The buying process on the website ends with the recording of user data in our database, this data which are used to send the request to the address and person identified by the user and the invoice, which sent after ordering and registration by e-mail both to confirm the order price to save paper in order to preserve the environment and avoid unnecessary paper use unless the user requires physical invoice. The delivery is effective at the time when the carrier delivers the order and the user signs the delivery note, at which the user must check the shipping status and record on the delivery note all circumstances or noteworthy anomaly. Saturdays, Sundays or holidays will not send orders this condition does not imply waiver or cancellation of the order and therefore compensation for the user.


The only reason for return causes BIENYBIO are supported by the articles do not match what the user requested that products with a damaged or are in poor condition, strange or motivated by a transportation accident and that we care BIENYBIO to the last detail to look after our best asset is the satisfaction of our customers. We therefore ask the USER to review the order upon receipt and note on the delivery note, in addition BIENYBIO notify by email or phone call, every detail and circumstance that makes you suspect or know for a fact that has not received the order in perfect condition as we want in BIENYBIO. Once the order is received back at the offices of BIENYBIO will analyze the state and the proposal to return the USER to which the reply within 30 days by sending back the order if that's what the customer wants a check gift by the amount of the order returned by bank transfer or reimbursing the cost of the order the user if the response to the request is positive and the return shipping cost if it is the user who has paid the shipping of the product / s.


If you wish to cancel an order in only accept your cancellation if the concrete before the products leave our office and can not be canceled once the order has left our offices.

BIEN Y BIO not responsible for:

- Delay in sending / receiving a request because more and strike or special transport services and / or communication.

- Any loss or damage arising in the purchase of items sold, the manufacturer being responsible for the warranty. Yes as far as possible BIEN Y BIO to broker this kind of problems between manufacturer and end user.

BIEN Y BIO guarantees complete confidentiality and protection of personal data added to its database. As provided by law and data protection personal data available to users who have provided for your reference, removal or modification at the time they see fit.


Copyright © 2011. BIENYBIO, reserved all rights of exploitation to be under the protection of the Spanish laws on intellectual property.

Any infringement of these rights, in any form or manner, takes appropriate legal actions by BIENYBIO. Except for the uses expressly authorized in advance by BIENYBIO.


The legitimacy of the contents provided by users and their rights are at the sole and entire responsibility of the donor. Users can also provide testimony, which and reward them, if by any means they witness any injury to the rights of intellectual property portal.


According to the dictates of the Law 15/1999 of 13 December (LOPD) reports to the USERS of the creation of a database with personal data of those who want to integrate and give up their data, for purely commercial ends exclusively for BIEN Y BIO and as previously mentioned the data obtained from users are available on the PORTAL for consultation, removal or modification.

The data is supplied by a form available to users in both the website and in the physical store (Street Regina n º 18, CP: 41003, Seville. Tlfno / Fax: 954 213 236) and filled with the utmost care and accuracy, being The user is solely responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of data provided in addition to any loss or damage caused by false or inaccurate BIENYBIO they both like to others and the same user.


By completing the above form and send it to your file in the database BIEN Y BIO, it is understood that the user has read and accepted the legal conditions of BIEN Y BIO besides allowing the processing of personal data for the purposes detailed in the following paragraph.


The data recorded in the portal will be used for:

  • Transfer to ship: Assignment of the name, address and telephone number of the USER to the company responsible for transporting the request in confidence for delivery of their purchases in the shipping address and have a user's phone to contact him for this purpose.
  • .Customer Loyalty Program: Each customer who registers the data in the WEB PORTAL BIEN Y BIO, will have a virtual card which saved their loyalty points at a rate of 1 point for every euro of purchase, these accumulated points can be deducted on any purchase made by each point off 4 cent, to use this discount must accumulate 100 points to receive a coupon code worth 4 €, you must take care because this code expires after 2 months of being sent to the user and can not be combined other offers or promotions.
  • Notifythe various actions, news, promotions and workshops that make BIEN Y BIO, among which the promotion Happy Birthday and that is a reduction of 10% (excluding products Couleur Caramel) on purchases made on the day of birthday on presentation of ID and verification by BIEN Y BIO actually a client is logged into our program.


For users under 14 who want to register as users require the consent of parents or guardians, without which they must register.


According to dictate the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulation implementing Law 15/1999 of December 13, the protection of personal data and procedures for security control information systems, BIEN Y BIO has the organizational and technical means to ensure this security by preventing any access, transfer, modification or treatment not authorized by BIENYBIO given the importance of personal data supplied by the users and the development of current technology that brings substantial benefits to society while risks for unethical or fraudulent behavior as abundant today.

  • Free shipping costs from 45 euros for Séville
  • Delivery in 48/72 hours for Spain
  • Recycled packaging
  • Physical shop in Seville
  • Personnalized attention (tel/internet)
  • Fidelilty program
  • Selected organic products
  • Non animal tested products
Chardonnay & Cassis spray deodorant 150 ml - Neobio
Chardonnay & Cassis spray deodorant 150 ml - Neobio

13.70 €

Shower gel Lemongrass & Coconut 200 ml - Neobio
Shower gel Lemongrass & Coconut 200 ml - Neobio

7.95 €

Cherry blossom facial tonic 125 ml - Neobio
Cherry blossom facial tonic 125 ml - Neobio

12.60 €

THALASSO Intensive treatment - Aquabio
THALASSO Intensive treatment - Aquabio

44.60 €

PHYTO Intensive treatment - Aquabio
PHYTO Intensive treatment - Aquabio

29.50 €



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