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» Acorelle

Acorelle, an innovative organic brand. "The power of nature, a source of well-being."




Acorelle is born in 2005 thanks to the independent cosmetics laboratory ODYSUD in the south of France, in the town of Agen, where rich, generous and inspiring nature brings to the brand the opportunity to create natural and organic beauty products that combine efficiency and well-being. Working with industrial geographically close and promoting the use of raw materials coming from the Lot-et-Garonne region, Acorelle defines its line of work as a serious, genuine and authentic process: it seeks to develop in a reasoned way optimal and effective formulas while respecting the rhythms of nature. The Acorelle products are the result of the encounter between man wealth, the ingredient force and the cosmetic pleasure.

The active ingredients and materials contained in Acorelle formulas are grown organically and are available in sufficient quantities. They are achieved through processes that meet both man and nature, that require little energy waste, contain no chemical solvents and do not alter the original plant extract. As a guarantee of this responsible and serving nature philosophy the Acorelle products are certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio and ensure a minimum of 90% of natural ingredients.


The brand also participates in the development of fair trade subsidiaries by choosing products from them, such as sugar from Paraguay. With its ethical choice, it got an award at the Victoires de la Beauté 2011-2012. The company's commitment is also reflected in its office oriented through energy saving with the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Acorelle offers a large range of products: facial and body care, fragrances, natural hair removal and specific care for babies.
Acorelle was recognized in 2007 as the lider brand for natural hair removal products. It offers waxes, stripes and various care to limit hair growth, making the time of waxing a positive experience.
The development of natural fragrances is also a strong point of the brand. Each product has its own identity, a suitable perfume, which guarantees a beauty ritual and cosmetic pleasure. Discover also its range of perfumes, fresh waters and essential oils synergies based on olfactotherapy.


This young brand is already recognized for its responsible and innovative care seeks to satisfy customers with quality and efficient products guaranteeing an optimal use of natural and organic products.

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Chardonnay & Cassis spray deodorant 150 ml - Neobio
Chardonnay & Cassis spray deodorant 150 ml - Neobio

13.70 €

Shower gel Lemongrass & Coconut 200 ml - Neobio
Shower gel Lemongrass & Coconut 200 ml - Neobio

7.95 €

Cherry blossom facial tonic 125 ml - Neobio
Cherry blossom facial tonic 125 ml - Neobio

12.60 €

THALASSO Intensive treatment - Aquabio
THALASSO Intensive treatment - Aquabio

44.60 €

PHYTO Intensive treatment - Aquabio
PHYTO Intensive treatment - Aquabio

29.50 €



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