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» Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Hauschka



Dr. Hauschka is one of the brands trademarks developed by company WALA Heilmittel GmbH in Germany.
In addition to Dr. Hauschka, WALA homeopathic laboratories develop the Dr. Hauschka Med line preparations specially formulated for the specific needs of atopic and sensitive skins and the drugs WALA. Discover WALA Laboratories in video!




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Dr. Hauschka:

The WALA laboratories created the brand during the 1960s in a society that had very little interest for natural cosmetics. The Viennese chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, founder of the Wala laboratories in 1935, then develops anthroposophiques and homeopathic drugs based on an innovative rhythm process. In order to create an exclusive line of cosmetics, he contacts lestheticienne Elisabeth Sigmund. It excited by the project accepts unacknowledged ideas and collaboration are born cosmetics Dr. Hauschka we know today.


A unique concept based on rythm.

The extraordinary quality of cosmetics Dr. Hauschka is based on the purest dingredients selection and a unique developed process, at the heart of which the rhythm plays a fundamental role. In this unique process developed by Rudolf Hauschka, aqueous extracts of medicinal plants retain without alcohol.

Today still, the Wala laboratories still use this method and expose the medicinal plant to the rhythms of Nature (light-dark, motion-rest, cold-hot). The results are outstanding: medicinal extracts contain the essence of the plant.
The letters of the acronym WALA come from the same rhythmic process: Wärme (Calor), Asche (Ceniza), Licht (Luz), Asche (Ceniza).


The rythm of the skin.

The philosophy of Dr. Hauschka is clear : the skin has its own vital forces to protect and regenerate. The basic concept of the brand is based on the ability to simply support the skin in its natural process of regeneration and care.

Our skin has its own rythm. In 28 days, all the stratum corneum cells renew themselves. In addition, the functions of the skin day differ from those of the night. Dr. Hauschka cosmetics support these rhythms and stabilizing activity of the skin that may be affected by the Sun, wind or other external or internal factors.

Dr. Hauschka cosmetics activate skin, strengthen its pace dautoregeneration healthy and protect them from external aggression.



Medicinal palnts WALA's garden.


In the 1950s, to developp his project, Rudolf Hauschka acquires a large lot in order dy cultivate a biodynamic garden which he pulls the plants for the formulation of his products. Today, gardeners cultivate more than 150 varieties of medicinal plants for development of preparations WALA, all on an area of 4.5 hectares. "From Nature to human Being" is more than a slogan, it is the whole philosophy, culture and the principle of all preparations: drugs WALA or Dr. Hauschka cosmetics.



Regenerating line care Dr. Hauschka:


Dr. Hauschka also has a special line for matures and requiring skin.

Beauty is not a question of age. Experience lived over the years brings us a certain serenity and we live life differently. Skin aging is a natural process that nothing can stop, however, the care that supports natural activity of the skin may slow it down. The regenerating care line Dr. Hauschka is perfectly adapted to the needs of mature skin because impulses natural autoregeneration of skin cells.


Discover the regenerating care line Dr. Hauschka in video!







Dr. Hauschka Med:

Specialized care based on plants.

Dr. Hauschka Med presented in 2009 is a treatment developed to meet specific needs of the skin. With their calming and equilibrium properties, from Dr. Hauschka Med preparations of nature are more quun basic care and help maintain the skin, lips and the teeth.


Natural oils and plants that make up products are meticulously selected by dermatologists, aestheticians, dentists and independent laboratories working in collaboration and on the basis of the latest scientific research in the develop of the most effective formulas. Each plant is selected not only for its virtues and its active principles but also for its global action of great importance on organization of human letter.

Dr.Hauschka Med line consists of:

  • Med skin - suitable for skin very dry, hypersensitive and suffering of itching.
  • Med lips - Formulated lip tension and tension.
  • Med teeth - so naturally the formation of caries.


The Dr. Hauschka Med line products contain no synthetic components such as:

  • Colorants
  • Perfumes
  • Conservatives

The Dr. Hauschka Med line, produced by laboratories WALA Heilmittel GmbH, is based on 70 years experience in development of Dr. Hauschka and of WALA drug cosmetic. To the extent possible, medicinal plants come from the biodynamic WALA garden and are from certified organic crops or wild harvesting. All components are subjected to a strict quality control.

Features of the Dr. Hauschka products:

  • No conservative, dyes or synthetic fragrances
  • PAS mineral dhuiles, Parabens, silicones and polyethyleneglicol (PEG)
  • Dermatologically
  • Natural and organic cosmetics certified by Natrue or BDIH


To know more about Dr. Hauschka, visit its website!




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